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Despite living in a digital age, we rarely take time to actually connect with those who Matter while we're still here...

That's why we created Matter, a new category of app- a digital safe space for loved ones to come together.

Over time you and your loved ones will have repertoire of your thooughts and memories on everything that Matters, in one place, forever.


  • Welcome to your digital safe-space

  • Every other day, at a different time, everyone answers a question that Matters.

  • Family or fiends, we've got you covered..

  • You can also ask that special someone anything you like...

  • Tell your histories, and create memories with those that matter

Express your humanity today, remember it forever...



Despite being in the most “connected” era of human history, it often times feels as though we have never been more disconnected.

We all know this, and yet, we rarely use technology to connect with those who Matter, and capture who we truly are.

There are currently 30 million deceased profiles across social media. That number is expected to reach 3.6 Billion by 2100.

In an age where most of what we do and document is digitalized, what do we actually leave behind,and who do we leave it behind for?

Whoever you are and wherever you are, we hope Matter allows you to remember and forge memories you love, with those you love.

In one place, forever.

The Matter team.

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